Annalina.  Italian elegance for women with their own footbed.

Submitted, Annalina

Annalina is produced in Italy in the town of Porto Sant Elpidio. Porto Sant Elpidio is located in the Marche region, the shoe heart of Italy.
The Annalina brand was set up on the initiative of Tom Spoormakers, the former Footnotes agent. The aim of the brand is to make cute, comfortable shoes for women with their own footbed. Every foot is different and therefore they have chosen to make every shoe in different widths and also to think of people who have a small or large shoe size. Most shoes are available from size 36 up to and including 44 in half-sizes.
All the materials to make the shoe come from the Marche area…So the leather, heels, soles and all accessories are all from the Porto Sant Elpidio area.


Collectie spring-summer 2019

The leather is chosen hide by hide from the tannery to ensure that the best type of leather is obtained. Damage is often visible in the skin.
Before starting a new collection, a collection team, including a trend watcher, sets out to give an initial impetus to the new models and materials. Based on this, a stylist will draw and prototypes will be created. On the basis of the prototypes, the collection is further developed. Eventually 12 groups will be developed, of which 10 will continue. Each group of shoes consists of at least 4 models.


“The aim of the brand is to make cute, comfortable shoes for women with their ow footbed.”

The shoes are provided with a sturdy counter that serves to support the foot. If there is no counter in the shoe, the feet can move in all directions, which means it may end up in the wrong position. An incorrect position of the foot can eventually cause a lot of complaints, for example in the knee or in the back.
It is also important that the material closes gently around your foot and ankle… that is why many models are provided with a soft padding layer.

The characteristics of an Annalina shoe are:

young look/fashionable small and large sizes different widths