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In particular, these will appeal to pregnant women, walking enthusiasts and people with a standing job and/or sensitive feet, such as diabetics. They will no longer suffer from quickly tired and swollen feet and legs.
How is that possible? Thanks to the unique mix of materials and the special knitting technique, the Sockwell compression stockings ensure better blood circulation, so that the accumulation of fluid in the legs and feet is prevented, while the risk of varicose veins is greatly reduced.
Two compression classes
Blocks, stripes, dots, border motifs and trendy prints give the stockings and socks extra ‘appeal’. The combination of merino wool and bamboo keeps the feet at a constant temperature and inhibits the formation of bacteria and odours. Moreover, this sophisticated material mix prevents itching and is therefore also very suitable for people with a wool allergy.

“Thanks to the unique mix of materials and the special knitting technique, Sockwell compression stockings ensure better blood circulation”

The compression stockings are available in two strengths: class 1 (15-20 mmHg) and class 2 (20-30 mmHg). Class 1 is ideal for anyone who just wants extra comfort and hasn’t worn this kind of stocking before. Class 2 benefits people who already have experience with compression stockings, but would like a fashionable colour and a nice design. This more serious compression stocking is also ideal for thin calves.


Diabetes socks

The special, seamless socks for sensitive feet (diabetic socks) are made of the same materials and are knitted in such a way that they cannot pinch anywhere. Where the foot strikes, the sock is slightly thinner, so that it is extra supple. As with a number of compression stockings, these socks have a footbed that is slightly thicker; very comfortable when walking, while the shoes do not have to be a size larger.
Both socks and stockings are available in three size groups: S/M for women’s sizes 35 to 38, M/L for women’s and men’s sizes 39 to 43 and L/XL for men’s sizes 44 to 47.


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